06th Mar2011

ReverbNation is now a distribution tool

by Mrs. Gunn

With all the different websites offering services to musicians, it’s difficult to keep them all straight. One website that has caught my eye is ReverbNation, or http://reverbnation.com. They offer a platform to put your music up and then send you emails of upcoming festivals that might want your music. However, sometimes it just seems like another thing to keep up with to me.

Now ReverbNation has offered a new little thing, though, that is pretty nice. I’ve always been annoyed at the fact that I have to pay $2 to see the trending reports from TuneCore. CDBaby is way overpriced. But ReverbNation will now put your music on iTunes, Amazon, etc. for a little less and give free trending reports as well.  I haven’t actually done this yet, but wanted to let people know about it in case they were interested.

Here is a comparison chart:

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