20th Sep2011

A record label I can believe in….

by Mrs. Gunn

SonicAngel. It’s like Kickstarter on steroids. It allows the artist to get funding but be able to focus on the music, while the label does the marketing/legal/sales/tour support. Artists sign up, with a sort of mutual agreement from their A&R reps, and in return, the label helps them raise money and produce their music. This is the new business model for musicians – patron funding! Here’s where it’s different from Kickstarter – fans can purchase a “fanshare” which is actually an investment in the band. If the band is successful, the fans get a share of the profits. For instance, those who donated to Tom Dice received 330% of their investment in return when he had a successful album. If the band isn’t succcessful, the record label assumes the risk. Wow. Now that’s smart. The other thing I like is that the record label can determine who gets “signed,” and thus keep the quality high. Right now the label is focused in Europe but I believe they are expanding as well. Of course with the internet it’s a global corporation, just a matter of time before the people on the other side of the pond jump on board. Check it out, and maybe even fund a project! http://sonicangel.com






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