18th Sep2011

Case Study: SBTRKT

by Mrs. Gunn

Quoted from:


SBTRKT: “I use Logic for most of my recording. I did [my album] in my living room. Even all the vocals were recorded there. Just a basic Mackie mixer, a Rhode mic, and a few analog bits of synthesizers, but nothing too heavy. I don’t have a lot of kits to be honest.

“I tend to write ideas and then sit on them for quite a while. I put them on my iPod and if I can’t listen to it for 20 seconds later on then I realize it’s a crap idea and we start from something else. I’m not someone who rolls stuff out and then that’s the finished product. I’m always going back to re-work the tracks. Especially for the album stuff.

“I generally put down bass and melodics first, and then try to put them in some sort of context. I have folders and folders of weird track names which I use when I’m looking for some inspiration and I’ll realize I’ve done something a year ago which has some sort of weird, cool direction I can use now.”


He wears a mask. He blends genres – dubstep with hip hop, soul, electronic. I guess they call it post dubstep. And he remains anonymous.

and now all the videos on TeacherTube…


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