13th Nov2011


by Mrs. Gunn

From Wikipedia:

Jarle Bernhoft, also known as Bernhoft, is a Norwegian singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and lyricist.[1] Bernhoft is from Nittedal in Norway, but currently lives in Oslo. His best known songs are “Streetlights”, “Shout”, “Choices” and “C’mon Talk”.

Bernhoft was vocalist and songwriter in the band Span. The band broke up in 2005. Previously, Bernhoft had played in the group Explicit Lyrics with Fridtjof ‘Joff’ Nilsen, who joined him in Span.

Bernhoft has contributed on a number of recordings and concerts with mostly Norwegian artists, such as Hanne Hukkelberg, Dadafon, Bigbang and The Køhn/Johansen Sextet. He played in the band Green Granadas using the stage name Rod Hot.

He released his first solo album “Ceramik City Chronicles” on September 1, 2008. In January 2010, Bernhoft released a double live album called “1:Man 2:Band”, where one half is a recording from his solo show at a jazz café in Oslo (Kampen Bistro), and the other half is a recording from his concerts in Rockefeller and Molde Jazz Festival with a full band.

His second solo album, “Solidarity Breaks”, was released the next year in January of 2011. It hit Norway’s top 30 album list in second place starting in February[2] and as of August had been in the number one spot for nine weeks.[3]

In September 2011, Bernhoft appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show after producers of the show found his video on YouTube. While on the show he played his hit song C’mon Talk.[4]

His website:


What’s interesting is his Terms and Conditions page. He has an entire web page devoted to legal speak.  Is he signed? He looks like it, but based on the name of his company, Jarle Bernhoft, which is listed under the terms and conditions of his website, I would say not. So he’s doing a great job at all the business stuff, too. Good music + good business skills = Successful artist.



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