This page is authored by Shannon Gunn, music technology teacher and jazz musician out of the DC metro area. Mrs. Gunn teaches Music Technology at Woodbridge Senior High School in the Center for the Fine and Performing Arts program. WSHS has it’s own student run record label, Polyphonix Records. This blog outlines the dynamic curriculum taught in the music technology classes at WSHS. Shannon Gunn is a trombone player, audio engineer, teacher, producer, MIDI mogul, and music software expert.

RecordLabel 101 is a DIY blog for musicians. Teach yourself to record, produce, promote, and distribute your own music through this blog. This allows the musician to be free of capitalistic constraints on their art while empowering them to learn all the new tips and tricks the internet has to offer. Why should a fan be viewed as a commodity? Make your music, record on the cheap, self-distribute, and keep the entire process as organic and honest as possible. RecordLabel 101 also emphasizes live recordings.

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