Songs in Code

by Mrs. Gunn

From Bobby Owsinski’s blog,

The lyrics for Hey Jude. So simple, yet the longest running #1 beatles song and one of the most popular songs of all time. Genius!

























Muscle For Your Hustle: What Every DIY Musician Needs to Know

by Mrs. Gunn

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How to remove vocals from almost any song

by Mrs. Gunn

Click here for tutorial (if it doesn’t work at school, I’ll retype it up)

How to remove vocals from any song using audacity:

How to remove vocals from any song using GarageBand:


How to Create Gigs

by Mrs. Gunn

This post isn’t about how to get shows or gigs that already exist, like getting into a festival or into an established venue for your genre. This post is about how to create gigs. How to create performance opportunities in places that have never had your genre before, and even get paid to do it.

First of all, you have to think of yourself as an entrepreneur. You have to have a great product. If you don’t sound good, then don’t try to do this. Make sure you get a recording of yourself, analyze it, and make sure you sound good. If the music doesn’t sound good, go back and practice some more, then come back to this post.

Secondly, you need to amass an email list of all your family and close friends. Yes, I said family. OK so if your family isn’t going to come, that’s ok, just put a list together anyway. It’s more about quantity than quality when you first start out.

Third, get your act pared down to one or two people who don’t mind playing for free or for food. Just once. Remember this is for promotional purposes so the full band may not be required. You may need to double on another instrument (go back to step one if you can’t play that very well).

OK so here is where the magic is.

Research all the locally owned restaurants, bars, coffee shops, venues, wineries, and open fields in your local area. Think of everything! Restaurants owned by local people, non-chain, and are high priced tend to be able to afford live entertainment.

Here’s the key: you know the saying – “adapt or die?” Basically, you may have to bend your genre a little bit. If you’re typically pretty loud, you may need to do an acoustic set. If you’re typically pretty soft, you may need to turn up the volume. Change your act to what would be appropriate for the venue.

Remember you are here to entertain, to give people a chance to get away from reality. At the same time, you get food and you get to play music. Consider it a gift to do this for money.

Then, send an email to a restaurant or venue. Try to find somewhere that has similar music to your genre, and if they already have regular music then that will be easier to get into. If they don’t have regular music, don’t give up. Any locally owned restaurant will have live entertainment if it brings in more guests.

Follow up with a phone call. Find out when the manager is on duty, and drop by. Offer to play once for free, or just free food for your buddy(ies), and then offer to play on a low night, like Monday or Tuesday.

This next step is the most important: once you have something set up, email and text blast your friends. Post an event on Facebook and invite everyone you know. Twitter it up. Put it in Artist Data and those updates feed to your Facebook and your Twitter so there’s a reminder right beforehand. Do a text blast and let everyone know you’re playing. Just get the word out, and build it up like it’s a CD release concert or something.

Get people to show up. If you fill the club on a Tuesday night, they will definitely have you back!

And that is how you create gigs!

With a little ingenuity and a little luck, you can be performing two or three nights a week in your home town. Try it, and let us know if it worked! Don’t be lazy! Get out there and just do it. You have nothing left to lose! Adapt or don’t play! Lose yourself in the music… you get one shot… ok enough of that. Good luck and let us know how it goes if you actually try this.

Oh yeah, and when you do play, put a sign up so people can see the name of your band. Even if it’s just a duo or solo act, use it as a chance to advertise your band. And don’t forget about farm houses and open fields. Create your own music festival. Invite another band to play before you, sell food and drinks, and you will not be disappointed! After all, it’s all about the music, right?


How to play the chords to Party Rock Anthem

by Mrs. Gunn