WordPress Plugin Review: WP-Customer-Reviews

by Mrs. Gunn


Let’s say you want to create an completely interactive website, with places for people to review your music and leave comments. Well, WordPress is an awesome way to create a website, and their plugins make┬áthis all possible.┬áThis post is a brief review of the wordpress plugin: WP-Customer-Reviews.

The plugin is easy to install, easy to use, and sets up a great looking little review bar for your fans to review your music. Only problem is, when you insert it into a page, you can’t control the fact that whenever someone lands on that page, it immediately jumps to the review bar. So you basically have to create a page just for reviews, and have nothing on that page; otherwise it creates a weird shift.

So that’s it. Great setup for a brand or business, but not really applicable for musicians, if you want people to see music/merch/etc. on the same page, etc.