Berklee Summer Program

by Mrs. Gunn

I would like to bring your attention to:

Berklee 5 Week Performance Summer Program – $7k, but you will come out a monster!



Berklee Guitar Sessions – $1200, 1 week, Aug 19 – 24. Learn to play guitar.



Berklee Songwriting Workshop – $1300, 4 days, Aug 15 – 18. Get feedback on your original songs.


Berklee Music Production Workshop – $1900 – July 13 – 15. Learn to record like a pro.








Help! I can’t afford college!

by Mrs. Gunn

Whether you’re GPA is 4.0 or 2.0, there is a way to afford a four year institution. Anyone can apply and go to college through the ARMY ROTC program. There are also cadet programs for the marines, navy, and air force.

Every school is different, but usually, you can get your tuition paid for as well as room and board in some cases. In return, you’ll have to give some years of service to the military after you graduate. I recommend the JROTC program because it pays for your education and teaches you leadership skills.  This is a great option if you can’t afford college, or perhaps you want to go to a school that is out of your price range. Both private and public universities and colleges offer this program.

Another thing to consider. The military gives you job experience. There are a lot of college graduates that are having  a hard time getting a job right now. If you go JROTC, you have a job as soon as  you graduate, and you can transfer that experience to another job. A lot of employers like to hire veterans because they have discipline and are well trained. Or, you can stay in for 20 years, retire at the age of 41, and work another career or travel or focus on the family. If you like the military atmosphere, it’s a great way to go. I know a lot of military musicians that love their jobs.  However, I don’t know if you are required to have a certain major to do the ROTC program.

By the way, the structure of the music programs in the army is changing. From what I hear, they are going from the traditional concert band and full orchestra to small group settings, like rock, country, or jazz combos. These are small groups that usually have 4 – 7 players. That means that even guitar players can find their niche in the army.

Here is a link to the ROTC programs in general:

Here is a link to the JROTC programs in Virginia:

Here is a list of schools in Virginia with JROTC programs:


PWCS Scholarship for students looking to major in ED

by Mrs. Gunn


GPA: 3.0

Deadline: April 1

For graduating seniors looking to major in education.

PWCS Students only. Only two students from WSHS may apply at a time, and it has to be done through the guidance department.




Qualification Criteria

SPARK, the Education Foundation for Prince William County Public Schools, has established an annual award of a minimum of $1,000 to at least three (3) graduating high school seniors who intend to pursue studies to become a teacher.

1. The student must meet the following minimum requirements:

a. be a graduating senior attending a Prince William County Public High School;

b. submit a completed application form, information sheet, and a copy of the high school transcript to the school’s coordinator;

c. plan to further his/her education by enrolling in an accredited community college or four-year college or university;

d. maintain a 3.0 GPA

or higher; and

e. demonstrate leadership and commitment to the community through involvement in extracurricular activities.

2. Each public high school within Prince William County may submit two (2) students for consideration.


The guidance/college/career counselor of the high school must submit applications for qualified students to SPARK by or before Friday, April 1, 2011. Late applications will NOT be accepted and applications cannot be faxed or e-mailed.

Please allow time if mailed or sent by PWCS courier to arrive by the deadline.


4. Application Package shall include the following completed items:

a. Application Form

b. Student Information Form

c. Submission of School Transcript*



Composition Scholarship

by Mrs. Gunn

Indiana University Composition Scholarship

Due date: postmarked by December 1, 2011

Scholarship: $60,000 undergraduate scholarship

High School Composition Competition


A $60,000* undergraduate scholarship from Indiana University ($15,000 per year for four years) for a major in composition at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.

* A $20,000 scholarship ($5,000 per year for four years) will be awarded if the competition winner is an Indiana resident.


• Entrants must be currently enrolled in an accredited public or private high school in North America, graduating in 2012. There is no restriction concerning citizenship.

• Composers entering the competition should be prepared to enter college or university in the fall of 2012.

• To be eligible to receive the award, the winner of the competition must be accepted into an undergraduate degree program of the Indiana University School of Music Composition Department.* Composers entering the competition need not apply for admission to Indiana University at this time.


• Composers are invited to submit legible scores for up to two (2) works, of any instrumentation and duration. Your music should be reproduced and bound; do not send original manuscripts. An audio CD of the music of one or both of the scores may be submitted as supplemental material. These recordings may be MIDI realizations, but please do not send data CD’s of MIDI files. If you wish to have your materials returned, enclose a self-addressed envelope with proper postage; scores submitted without return postage will become the property of the School of Music. Though every precaution will be taken, Indiana University does not assume liability for loss or damage to materials.

• Students entering the competition should complete the competition entry form.

Click here for on-line entry form.


The competition will be judged by the Indiana University School of Music composition faculty; the decision of the judges is final. If in their opinion no submitted works are worthy of the award, none will be made.

Address and Deadline

Scores and completed competition entry forms should be sent to:

High School Composition Competition
Composition Department
Jacobs School of Music
1201 E Third Street
Bloomington, IN 47405

Submissions must be postmarked by December 1, 2011.
Finalists will be notified by January 20, 2012
The winning composer will be notified by May 1, 2012

Previous Winners

1993 Daniel Dixon Kellogg (Wilton, CT)
1994 Sherene Strausberg (Baltimore, MD)
1995 Matthew Van Brink (East Northport, NY)
1996 Sarah Polk (Tucson, AZ)
1997 Ryan Deasy (Indianapolis, IN)
1998 Ryan Howard (Foster City, CA)
1999 Robert DeVries (Farmington Hills, MI)
2000 John Rodney Glover (Bloomfield, MI)
2001 Jeffrey Stanek (Madison, WI)2002 Erik Norman (Huntington Beach, CA)
2003 Sarah Gibson (Atlanta, GA) 2004 Trevor Edge (Columbus, OH)
2006 Max Grafe (Wallkill, NY)
2007 Jacob Shrum (Oswego, IL)
2008 Evan Rees (Westwood, MA)
2009 Connor Lidell (Arlington, TX)

* Among the determinants for admission to Indiana University and the School of Music are an audition in at least one area of performance, the evaluation of scores by the composition faculty, and an examination in the basic knowledge of music theory. For full details on admission, please contact:

Office of Music Admissions and Financial Aid
Merrill Hall 101
1201 E Third Street
Bloomington, IN 47405

(812) 855-7998
School of Music Admissions Website  [LINK]
e-mail: [email protected]



Gates Millenium Scholars

by Mrs. Gunn

Deadline: Wed, Jan 11, 2012. You also must submit the FAFSA by Feb. 15, 2012.

GPA: 3.3 on a 4.0 scale

For students entering college for the first time in the fall 2012, the GMS 2012 Scholarship Application online process is now open. The deadline for all submissions is Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

GMS will select 1,000 talented students each year to receive a good-through-graduation scholarship to use at any college or university of their choice. We provide Gates Millennium Scholars with personal and professional development through our leadership programs along with academic support throughout their college career.

Our program is more than a scholarship—it’s an opportunity to change your life! Just ask Deonte Bridges how much the GMS scholarship means to him.

If you are willing to serve as a nominator or recommender for deserving students, you can make a difference in their lives.

The goal of GMS is to promote academic excellence and to provide an opportunity for outstanding minority students with significant financial need to reach their highest potential by:

•Reducing financial barriers for African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American and Hispanic American students with high academic and leadership promise who have significant financial need;
•Increasing the representation of these target groups in the disciplines of computer science, education, engineering, library science, mathematics, public health and the sciences, where these groups are severely underrepresented;
•Developing a diversified cadre of future leaders for America by facilitating successful completion of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees; and
•Providing seamless support from undergraduate through doctoral programs, for students selected as Gates Millennium Scholars entering target disciplines.