20th Feb2011

Philosophy of RecordLabeldom

by Mrs. Gunn

Hi music ppl. Welcome to my educational blog.

Why would you want to start your own record label?

Well, that question is really – why would you want to sign with a major label? What can they give you, that your own label cannot?

They can get you on the radio (FM) and get your album in stores nationwide. This would lead to an increase in sales.

but… from what I hear, people aren’t really buying music as much as they used to. If they do buy an album, it’s not to actually hear the music, but support the artist. So if they’re buying an album to support the artist, but the artist only gets 90 cents for every album sold, why not sell your album to the masses yourself?

How many people use FM radio as a means of finding new music? We all listen to Pandora (which by the way, I fully support, since they give mega royalties to performers, unlike FM radio) and get our music suggestions from blogs, friends, etc. Did you know that FM radio gives no royalties to performers? Only to the people that actually write the songs. So Aretha Franklin gets no money every time “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” is played on the FM radio, but Otis Redding, who wrote it, gets a royalty check from ASCAP.

So… why not make your own record label? Retain ownership of your music, publishing, etc. iTunes sales sends 45% to the artist and 55% to the record label – so why not keep both for yourself? With the internet making worldwide distribution one click away, anything is possible these days. Subscribe to this blog to learn how, and to see case studies in how the music industry is changing, and how you can be on top of the wave instead of crushed by it.


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