06th Oct2011

Rdio is free!

by Mrs. Gunn

Rdio is free now! Ok, so maybe not totally free like Spotify, there is a limit, but at least you can get a better quality sound and more selection than Spotify. I like the interface better than Rhapsody, too. Basically, there is a weird formula to figure out how much “free” time you have. People who listen a little will have more free time, and people who listen a lot will have “just enough.” Not sure how that works. Free with boundaries. I listened to one album, with a couple of songs multiple times, and noticed my amount of “free” time went down about 10 percent. So maybe it’s about 10 hours of free listening? At any rate, you can check it out at http://Rdio.com now. Thanks to HypeBot again for the news.




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