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some advice on rollercoasters and stuff

Well, since PaulyD and his hair obviously has no need for my advice, let me elaborate pass it along to someone who’s actually serious about music. You probably.

Marketing is such a vile term to me for some reason. In fact, every time i hear it i probably cringe harder than your grandma would if she ever heard the word’. Im serious. And yet, upon surfing the interwebs, and reading articles about me… YEAH I GOOGLE MYSELF. sing it! ‘Everytime i think of you i google mysellllfff….’ *cough*

anyway, i sometimes stumble across these “music marketing” type blogs that are all about “oh his marketing is this and that and he does this and that” and i think it’s only fair to know that im simply following a few simple guidelines really, im no marketing genius… at least not deliberately anyway….well, whatver. let me scribble down some thoughts here.

If youre an artist, youre making music, releasing music, maybe even a hit here and there… you need a few things to cement yourself ‘in’ other than a first and last name and a handful of tracks. Of course youll have your twitter account, facebook, tumblr, etc etc… so you have all these little conduits at your disposal to reach out to your followers, whether its 10 friends, 100 fans, or a epic 1 million plus cult following, it really doesnt matter, it all applies relatively.

1. You need to make a world.

Yes. i know, that was vague… lemme explain. So you have a rollercoaster in your backyard… which is rad. coz everyone loves roller coasters, cept for whiney ppl. and all the people from around your block is gunna wanna come and at LEAST check that out, or ride it. And itll be the hot thing in the neighborhood for about a week. But once everyone’s had a go… they’ll lose interest, go home n play Sega instead. I see this happen to SO many people… its ridicules.

Well, what you need then, is a theme park… and you AND your music are the theme. You with me here? Now, people come into your theme park, and holy , check out all this stuff… buncha rides, no 2 the same, some merch here and there, special events, dolphins through hoops and all that whacky stuff. You want people to come to your theme park and feel like they’re a part of this world of yours.

2. Don’t overkill 900 on the promotional stuff.

I don’t read spammed to death promo stuff, so, the type of people i’d like to have in my theme park don’t either. Nor do i come blaring on the theme parks PA system every 20 seconds hyping the same ride over and over again. Also a bad look to take flyers to other peoples theme parks and start plastering posters all over the place.

3. You are not fictitious. From what i’ve learned, the best way to make a guest in your theme park feel involved or just as much a part of your world as you are is to avoid being invisible. Get out there and immerse yourself in the world you created, youll have fun, it’s your place for hecks sake. If your not having fun in the world you created, then you messed something up and did it wrong. Go jump on a few rides with your fans. Sure there are times when you’ll need a little break here and there. But heck, i had my 7th or 8th birthday at a mcdonalds in niagara falls once. And in my naivety, i honestly and truly believed for a while that Ronald and the Hamburgler would show up. They didnt. and i was bummed, but if they did… man, i woulda been a fan for life. (.) BUT i still do enjoy a qtr pndr w cheese from time to time all the same.

anyway, im not sure whats left in me here, its late, early, whatever, i still havent slept… but the TLDR version is basicly… make an entire experience with your work… not just a name and a piece of work. Make an interesting and unique experience, and the people will want to come to be a part of it. and the rest will just happen naturally. think about it. the experience that is yours will “market” itself.
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